Fees & Funding

Our Fees & Funding

Please see our children’s day nursery fee rates in Bretton, Peterborough below.  However, these rates do not take into account Funded Early years Entitlement hours so you may get them a lot cheaper. If you wish to utilise your free entitlement along (click here for details) with some additional fee-paying hours we will be happy to discuss with you to assist you in calculating the costs for your child.

We are delighted to accept all Funded Early years places with entitlement hours spread across the year. (We can not accept term time only places as we still have to pay the nursery staff all year).

Peterborough Council allows us to accept funding partway through terms which not all councils do so please just ask our manager.

Free childcare funding for 2-Year-Old children upto 30 hours. Funding for childcare day nursery funding information for 2-year-old children can be found here.

Free childcare funding for 3&4-Year-Old children upto 30 hours. Funding for childcare day nursery funding information for 3 and 4-year-old children can be found here

What childcare funding are you eligible for? Not sure on the childcare funding you can get and when you are due?  We know childcare funding can be confusing! There is a very friendly Government page here. This gives you the help you may be able to get to pay for your child care. This includes child care at a nursery like us or other child care options. BUT if you are still not sure, please just call and ask us, we are always here to help

Peterborough council have a great FAQ on child care funding here. It is quite long but we think it is very useful but just ask us if you are not sure about any aspect.

We know it here to help you work out the charges, please just ask. If you have any special requests, also please ask and we will try our very best to help.


For further information about government funding for free early years childcare for three and four year olds click button below.

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    Other costs

    The fees above include ALL meals, drinks and snacks freshly prepared by our nursery chefs on site.  Funding only covers the child care hence the day nursery does need to charge for your child’s meals when they attend day nursery:

    • Morning £5.75
    • Afternoon £4.75
    • All day £10.25

    Booking deposit

    The nursery requires a refundable deposit to secure your child’s place ( no deposit required for fully funded hours).  Deposits are as follows:

    • 2 sessions a week – £150
    • 3 or 4 sessions a week – £200
    • 5 sessions a week – £250
    • 2, 3 or 4 year old children accessing funded only hours – £0

    We cannot secure your child’s day nursery place until the deposit is paid and a copy of our terms and conditions has been signed and returned to us.  The deposit will be refunded as a deduction from your final invoice.

    Session Registration Fee

    So we can plan our nursery spaces, we do need a registration fee in addition to the deposit set out above, we require a non-refundable registration fee of £50.  This will, however, be refunded at the end of month 1 for children accessing fully funded hours.

    Additional information

    So your child can settle into the day nursery, a minimum of 2 half-day sessions is required (can be taken as one full-day session or two-half day sessions).  

    Fees are based on 51 weeks per year paid monthly in advance by direct debit.  The nursery will be closed on all Bank Holidays (normal charges will apply). No refunds will be given for sickness or holidays.  The nursery will be closed from 25th December and reopen on 2nd January (subject to variation).