Employee of the Year, 2023, Michelle!

Michelle has now worked at Jungle Tots for over two years, and one of her standout qualities is her warm and welcoming smile to all the children, parents and colleagues. Her positivity is infectious, and her kind nature always helps to raise the morale of the entire staff team.

Beyond her positive influence within the staff team, Michelle has established and nurtured excellent relationships with both parents and children in our setting. Her genuine care and willingness to go the extra mile have not gone unnoticed.

Michelle’s dedication extends far beyond her regular responsibilities. Taking on the additional responsibility of closing down and securing the building showcases her commitment to the safety and security of our nursery. Her attention to detail and reliability in this crucial role have significantly contributed to the smooth and efficient operation of our facility.

Michelle has played a pivotal role in supporting new staff within her room and offered guidance with routines and planning; this has been instrumental in the successful integration of new team members and the growth of the nursery team.

In recognition of Michelle’s contributions, it is clear that she embodies the qualities we value most in an exemplary employee. Her warmth, positivity, dedication, and willingness to go above and beyond make her a truly deserving recipient of the Employee of the Year award.