Employee of the Quarter, July-September, Lewis!

Well done to Lewis for getting Employee of the Quarter!!

Lewis has truly excelled in his role, putting a special focus on the observations he sends to parents and the detail he puts into his work. His observations have not only been thorough but also insightful, providing not only us, but the parents with a deeper understanding of each child’s development.

One of the most heartwarming transformations we’ve seen in Lewis is his newfound confidence within the nursery. Previously hesitant, he now confidently engages with parents, addressing their questions and concerns, and has taken up the responsibility of answering the door when needed.

Moreover, Lewis’s adaptability shines through as he seamlessly transitions between all three rooms, effortlessly connecting with children of varying age groups. His interactions with the children are both meaningful and educational, creating an enriching environment for all.

Lewis embodies the values and spirit of excellence that define our nursery, and we look forward to witnessing his continued contributions and growth in the future.