Ofsted Inspection 2022

We are delighted to announce that following our Ofsted Inspection we got a highly regarded ‘Good’ rating click here to see the full inspection report for your information, click here to see the full report. There is a lot of great information in the report.  It may come across as quite short but the Ofsted inspector spent all day at Jungle Tots. Shew was extremely thorough and looks for in depth evidence in every area.  It was a long day and pressured day.

You may not be aware that the Ofsted rating system has recently been updated.  Previously it was possible to get your grading if you achieved that level in most areas with some recommendations.  However, this is no longer the case, and a setting needs to demonstrate that they reach that rating in every area.  Therefore, to achieve an Outstanding or Good rating under the new system a nursery must be viewed as Outstanding or Good in every aspect tested.  It is accepted that it is now significantly less likely that nurseries will achieve Outstanding and therefore a Good rating is a real achievement to be proud of. Furthermore, the inspector said it is highly unusual for a nursery to get Outstanding on the first inspection.  The Ofsted Inspector commented that she was very impressed with Jungle Tots Day Nursery.  There were plenty examples of ‘outstanding performance’ recognised by the Inspector, and we will take these examples and really build on them.  There were not any areas of concern noted and we sit in a strong ‘Good’.  You can be rest assured that Rachel, Jurgita, myself and the rest of the Jungle Tots team will all continue to strive for an Outstanding rating for the whole nursery and will continue to work hard towards this aim. 

We want to personally thank all the parents who wrote in at very short notice to share their experiences for the Inspection.  This all remains confidential with the Inspector, but she said that was highly impressed with the number of people that wrote in as well as the information from parents and carers and she does not often get as good a response as she did so thank you very much.   

The Ofsted Inspector spent the whole day in the nursery, and it was a stressful and emotional day for everyone as you can imagine.  Rachel and all her team work so hard every day to ensure your children are extremely well looked after.  They are so proud of what they do and really wanted to show off all the great work. Under the pressure, I am sure you can imagine, it was not easy.

Gordon and Fiona Forster

Nursery Owners