Keep playing: Play is very powerful for children

It is children’s mental health week. Jungle Tots Children’s Day Nursery sits in the same building in Peterborough as Safari Adventure Play.

As we think indoor play venues have only been allowed to open for 12 weeks since March we have a message for all parents and carers: KEEP PLAYING. It is so important for you and your children and has so many benefits. The benefits of play, which are vast, are linked here. Sometimes we do not realise just how beneficial play is and we focus too hard on getting home schooling right. If you are having a bad day home schooling, do not stress. Just find some fun things to play with your children and the benefits will be massive.

If you are interested, there is a short article here to help in these difficult times. We know as parents it is not easy but we will keep trying! In summary, this short article suggests parents need to do TWO things. The good news is there are thousands of research studies with real-life parents and children showing what parenting styles maximise the chances of good outcomes, and hundreds of trials of parenting classes showing what works. The take-home message is that children and young people need love and limits

So in summary, show LOVE, LIMITS and KEEP PLAYING. Have fun along the way as well.