SENCO Training

Jungle Tots Day Nursery Deputy Manager Completing His SENCO Level 3 Training

Jungle Tots Children’s Day Nursery is supporting their Deputy Manager, Marcus, to take time off, up to 4 days a month for 8 months. He will end up with a SENCO Level 3 qualification which is very exciting for him and us.

Once he has passed this qualification, he will be an experienced practitioner in supporting children with additional needs and promoting equal opportunity for all children.  We already have 2 other staff with SENCO qualifications but it is vital that we keep up to date.  Furthermore, as a Deputy Manager, having a management person sharing this knowledge will be brilliant for all the Jungle Tots Day Nursery team.

We know that Marcus has a strong professional interest in working with children with SEN and other additional needs. He holds our strong belief at Jungle Tots Children’s Day Nursery that every child, as an individual, has the potential to develop, regardless of their challenges.

The benefits to the day nursery, parents and carers, your children and of course Marcus for completing this SENCO course, run over 8 months, are as follows.  We can traditionally think of children with learning challenges or SEND as being severe.  However, part of improving our skills is being aware of lots of learning challenges that children have, which can sometimes be minor and adapting the teaching style for them can have a huge impact.  Therefore there are benefits to a wide range of families.

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the background policies and evidence that are key to inclusion and SEN provision helping improve learning and treating everyone equally
  • Improve the nurseries’ knowledge of SEN and disabilities that affect pupils’ participation and learning
  • Increase our strategies for improving outcomes for pupils with SEN and/or disabilities
  • Marcus will work strategically with the Jungle Tots Manager, Rachel,  to improve our ongoing SEN strategy.
  • Marcus and the team will be better equipped to critically evaluate evidence about learning, teaching and assessment in relation to pupils with SEN
  • Marcus and the team will draw on external sources of support including parents and carers, external agencies and appropriate professionals and voluntary bodies. 
  • Personal and professional development for Marcus in his career.
High quality learning at day  nursery
Jungle Tots Day Nursery Deputy Manager Completing His SENCO Level 3 Training