Our New Garden!

Let their imaginations run wild in our uniquely designed play area!

Divided into 4 main zones

  • Sensory Reading
  • Adventure Trail Building
  • Sand & Messy Play
  • Fun Den Making

There’s sure to be something for everyone at this nursery! We’ve used a mixture of Artificial grass, bouncy rubber Wetpour, Ecomulch and Playgrade woodchip to help zone each area and provide lots of exciting sensory elements to explore.

  • Play Mound with Tunnel
  • Water System on Posts
  • Robinia Wigwam Den
  • Den Making Area
  • Sensory Panels
  • I-Beam Benches
  • Corner Reading Shelter
  • Mud Kitchen
  • Potting Station
  • Sandpit with Shelter Roof
  • Freestanding Modular Adventure Trail